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  • We belive the gospel must be preached to all men We believe in the universal tender of salvation, also called the free offer of the Gospel, dedicating one ­service every month to persuasive evangelistic preaching, and praying that God will use this for the salvation of precious souls.
  • Traditional worship We believe the traditional worship is biblical. We believe a service must be reverent and not entertaining
  • A Serving church We believe the church must be enganged in serving the Lord and one another. 
  • Biblical Separation.We believe that the Lord’s people must keep themselves clear from worldliness and false teaching. This is the doctrine of biblical sep­aration. False teaching denies the inspiration and infallibility of the ­Bible, as well as other fundamental doctrines of the faith. True churches must defend and preserve the Truth at all costs, never compromising the only way of salvation.
  • Prayer Meetings We believe in the great importance of prayer, and maintain the church Prayer Meeting as a distinctive weeknight meeting. Without the blessing of God in answer to prayer, all our witness would be in vain. Corporate prayer is paramount.
  • Missions. We hold that the ­'local church' (that is, every individual ­congregation) is designed by God to carry out many tasks. Therefore ‘wider’ ­ministries, such as missions, the training of preachers, and the issuing of lit­erature, should be undertaken by individual churches if the Lord leads and enables them. 

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